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« Osez être le changement » Plus qu’un événement, une invitation à passer à l’action!

C’est sous le thème " Osez être le changement " que Femmessor a tenu aujourd’hui son événement entrepreneurial Web présenté par Banque...

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27 October

Événement entrepreneurial Web

Sous le thème " Osez être le changement ", Femmessor tiendra un grand événement entrepreneurial Web le 27 octobre prochain.

2 November

BOOTCAMP HYPERCROISSANCE | Améliorez vos stratégies d'affaires | En ligne

Ce Bootcamp Hypercroissance virtuel est parfait pour perfectionner vos compétences et améliorer vos stratégies d’affaires.

Femmessor has always been there to listen to us, advise us and support us financially of course but also humanly.

Kathy Béliveau, REZO l'agence socialeMAURICIE REGION



Femmessor provides us with financial help and support. I found their involvement great.

Julie Emery, Station Myo Lanaudière region

The training sessions and conferences offered by Femmessor have allowed me to stay on top of new trends in management.

Julie Laberge, Entreprises Alain Maltais inc. Nord-du-Québec region - Jamésie

Femmessor allowed me to realize the biggest project of my career. The listening skills, the follow-up and the enthusiasm of this team are reassuring.

Sylvie RattéLiane Beauty SalonCôte-Nord region

I acquired my business when my daughter was five months old. Throughout my journey, these women inquired about my company—and my family life.

Valérie Drolet, Super Sagamie Ste-Ursule Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean region

The support of Femmessor has been a mark of confidence in my project. They understood my reality and offered me concrete and useful tools. They also gave me highly pragmatic advice.

Sandrine Rampeneaux, San'Hy consulte / San'Hy pro Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine region

Femmessor helped me find funding and establish partnerships with some private and public stakeholders.

Mélanie Therrien, Clinique infirmière Nord-Ouest Abitibi-Témiscamingue region

I needed a trusted financial partner to help me achieve my goals to grow my business. From the beginning, Femmessor believed in my project.

Chantal Arguin, Arguin et associés, arpenteurs-géomètres Capitale-Nationale region

We feel that we are part of a big family and that the resources we need are at our disposal when necessary.

Virginie Cleary, Marie-Ève Tremblay, Marie-Ève Lavoie, Les étoiles du parc Nursery

The team supported us financially and also gave us several tips for everything related to business management.

Caroline Doucet, Doucet + Turcotte Architectes inc.
Mauricie region

Femmessor is dedicated to women entrepreneurs!

We care about the success of women entrepreneurs. That's why we offer them more than just financing. We accompany them along their road to success.

In Quebec, Femmessor is the only organization fully dedicated to offering financing and support services to women entrepreneurs.

Thanks to partnerships with the Fonds pour les femmes entrepreneurs FQ and Capital Croissance PME (CCPME), with conventional loans and share capital, we facilitate access to nearly $25 million dollars of funds to support companies with at least one woman in a strategic position and an ownership of at least 25% of the shares.

Femmessor is a team of professionals committed and driven by excellence. We are an organization that places collaboration at the heart of success.

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