Femmessor engages itself with
Quebec’s women entrepreneurs

Femmessor is an organization dedicated to the development of women's entrepreneurship. Our mission is to contribute directly to the creation, growth, and acquisition of businesses that are owned or operated, in whole or in part, by women across all 17 regions of Quebec.

Our financing services, combined with support tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, allows Quebec women entrepreneurs to build sustainable and prosperous businesses.

Femmessor is financially supported by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) and by the Government of Canada as part of the Strategy for Women in Entrepreneurship. Thanks to a partnership with the Fonds pour les femmes entrepreneurs FQ  (Femmessor, Fondaction, Investissement Québec as agent for the Government of Quebec), with conventional loans, we facilitate access to nearly $19 million dollars of funds to support companies with at least one woman in a strategic position and owning at least 25% of the shares and votes.

The team facilitates the access to resources essential for the entrepreneurial success of women who receive funding through Femmessor.

Femmessor helps build sustainable and successful businesses that are operated or owned, in whole or in part, by women in Quebec. 
Discover how Femmessor has contributed to the success of local women business leaders.



Note: The female gender has been adopted in order to lighten the text and without any discriminatory intention.