Our activities are entirely dedicated to women business leaders

In order to facilitate women’s access to resources essential to the development of their entrepreneurial potential, Femmessor organizes activities in which women entrepreneurs celebrate each other’s achievements and hard work.

Femmessor's activities are created by and for women entrepreneurs. By providing them with training and networking activities, we enable business leaders to develop their knowledge, skills, and business networks.

Our activities include: workshops, trainings, business lunches, conferences, cocktail hours, conferences, and more!



11 February

FORMATION | Développer une image corporative forte | Mirabel

Lors de cette formation, vous définirez d’abord vos valeurs afin de construire une image corporative cohérente qui propulsera votre entreprise!

12 March

FORMATION | Tout savoir sur les déductions fiscales | Mirabel

Le temps des impôts approchent. Notre Experte Femmessor vous parlera des déductions fiscales qu'il ne faut oublier!

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