Benefit from a wide array of consulting services

Businesses that receive guidance and/or funding from Femmessor get free access to Femmessor Experts.

  • Femmessor Experts offer consulting services that are adapted to the reality of today’s businesses.
  • Our Femmessor Experts are seasoned professionals in a wide array of fields, including management, accounting, business law, human resources, communications, and marketing.
  • They offer their know-how and time to help women entrepreneurs develop various skills.
  • Femmessor Experts meet with clients on an individual basis.

Femmessor Experts work closely with our entire team. Together, we help women entrepreneurs achieve the success they deserve!

Learn more about the mobilized Experts in your region!

To learn more about this exclusive service, view the following videos (in French only):





A service offered exclusively to companies that are financed by Femmessor. To meet a Femmessor Expert, contact your regional director at: 1 844 523-7767.