Financing1 for women-ownedbusinesses

Whether starting or acquiring a business, carrying out an expansion project or taking over a business, Femmessor carefully analyzes the financing applications presented by the local women business leaders.

Thanks to available funds, Femmessor is able to offer business leaders financing in the form of conventional loans. Investment decisions are made by regional managers and their Investment Committees; leaders who are familiar with the entrepreneurial reality of their communities.


A business project financed through Femmessor also means a team of specialists who support the leader throughout her project. She will benefit from support aligned with her specific needs, including consulting services, help from various experts, training, and networking opportunities.

Femmessor offers more than just financing; we work with entrepreneurs to help them develop their full entrepreneurial potential and build sustainable and prosperous businesses.


The steps to apply for financing are as follows:


Contact us

Contact one of our agents to receive information about our services and how to apply for financing.

Step 1


Validate your elegibility

Provide the necessary documentation to the regional resource responsible for your application. She will validate your eligibility and conduct a preliminary analyzis of  your financing application.

Step 2   


Submit your application

If your application is eligible, the person responsible will proceed to the opening of your file and analyze it. Additional documents will be required. 

There is a charge for opening a file. 

Step 3   


Present to the committee and receive your decision

Following the favourable analysis of your application, your project will be presented to the Investment Committee. The person responsible will make her recommendation and the committee will make its decision.

Step 4   


Get your financing and continue to grow

If the decision is favourable, you will proceed with the signing of your loan contract. You will have to meet the preconditions for disbursement and Femmessor will carry out the legal verifications.

You will then be invited to complete the competency diagnosis for your Coaching Services and you will receive your financing.


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1 Financing offered in the form of a conventional loan through partnership with the Fonds pour les femmes entrepreneurs FQ.

2 Eligible businesses have at least one woman in a strategic position and owning at least 25% of the shares.

Excluded sectors of activity: politics, religion, sex trade, bars, violent entertainment, multi-level sales and any other activity that may be ethically controversial. Learn more here about Femmessor's comprehensive investment policy regarding excluded sectors for conventional loan financing.