Empower yourself to expand your business by surrounding yourself with peers and experienced specialists

Femmessor Growth collaborative development groups are designed to meet the specific needs of women whose businesses are in the growth phase. This strategic business network, composed of business leaders with similar business challenges and difficulties, aims to promote support and collaborative development. During the meetings, the preferred means are the sharing of meaningful experiences and peer learning as well as specialized workshops.

The Women's collaborative development groups are rich in learning opportunities.

  • Initial training session: "The key principles of collaborative development";
  • 8 meetings of 3 hours each:
    • 18 hours of co-development exchanges;
    • 6 hours of specialized workshops;
  • 4 hours of personalized consultations with specialists;
  • Building strong and lasting business relationships.

Why join a Women's Growth collaborative development group?

  • Sharing best business practices known to your peers;
  • Taking the time to ponder your challenges and find solutions;
  • Accelerating the identification of the best strategies to be implemented;
  • Strengthening your leadership in a situation of change and innovation;
  • Benefiting from the advice of experienced specialists;
  • Developing a strong and committed collaborative strategic network.

To avoid the isolation that hinders your ability to create, evolve and grow, join a Femmessor collaborative development group.


Being able to grow together

Eligibility requirements

  • Being a woman entrepreneur with a strategic role;
  • Managing a company in a growth phase;
  • Managing a group of employees;
  • Be willing to share business issues, leadership challenges and best business practices and willing to help peers;
  • Be committed to being present at all activities of the collaborative development group.

The collaborative development groups will be made up of a maximum of 10 women entrepreneurs with similar business challenges. Non-competition and non-affiliation criteria (customer and supplier) will also be considered when creating groups.

Annual registration fees

Women entrepreneurs not financed by Femmessor: 697 $ + taxes

Women entrepreneurs financed by Femmessor: 625 $ + taxes

These fees include the following services:

  • A 3-hour initial training session on the key principles of collaborative development;
  • 8 sessions of 3 hours each;
  • Discussions supervised by a qualified facilitator;
  • Workshops led by experienced specialists on specific challenges;
  • 4 hours of private consultations with specialists (one hour per specialist).


You would like to join the Women's Growth collaborative development group in your region?