More than just financing:1
support towards success

The Femmessor team understands perfectly well the reality of corporate leaders. We are  attentive to the specific needs of entrepreneurs and work relentlessly to provide the resources that will help our clients succeed. 

Thanks to the collaborative work with a community of women entrepreneurs mobilized in the 17 regions of Quebec and partners committed to the success of business leaders, the Femmessor team is able to combine its financing1 services with resources that contribute to developing women’s entrepreneurial skills.

Our coaching services, offered to women entrepreneurs who receive funding through Femmessor, take into account the specific needs of women. These services include consulting, assistance, training, and networking. 

In concrete terms, we help women entrepreneurs finance their business projects and clarify their needs in order to be fulfilled as business leaders. They have access to recognized Femmessor experts in their respective fields, and are encouraged to get business mentoring throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Femmessor relies on proximity and close collaboration with women entrepreneurs who receive funding through the organization. We leverage our wide business network to make essential resources available for entrepreneurs’ success.



Training and networking:
Our activities help women as they develop their entrepreneurial potential.

You will find the inspiration and knowledge you need to be an accomplished business leader.



1 Financing offered in the form of a conventional loan or equity investment through partnerships with the Fonds pour les femmes entrepreneurs FQ et Capital croissance PME (CCPME).