Our privacy policy

For Femmessor, respect for the confidentiality of your personal information is a priority.

Our team is committed to protecting your personal data. We use the information you provide us solely to provide you with requested information or the services you have explicitly asked for from Femmessor.



What is the definition of "personal information?"

"Personal information" includes any information, recorded in any form, relating to an identified person or to a person whose identity may be inferred or determined from the information, other than business contact information (i.e., name, title, business address). This policy does not include commercial contact information or cumulative data from which the identity of a person cannot be determined. Femmessor reserves the right to use commercial contact information or aggregated data in the ethical manner it deems appropriate.



For what purpose does Femmessor collect and use personal information?

We need to know your name, email address and mailing address to get to know you better and send you information of interest to you regarding women's entrepreneurship.

Personal information may also be collected if you submit a job application to Femmessor and it may be used for related purposes.

Personal information will be collected, when possible, directly from the individual. Except where permitted by law, no personal information is collected without the prior consent of that person in connection with the collection, use and disclosure of that information. You may change your consent preferences at any time, as long as you make a reasonable request in advance by contacting Femmessor at info@femmessorqc.com or 1 877 523-7767.

When you subscribe to Femmessor's newsletter or send us comments that require feedback from us, your email address is required. This allows you to easily access our services. At any time, however, you may indicate your refusal to receive our email communications by unsubscribing to our newsletter via our website and or the link in our email communications.



When can Femmessor disclose personal information?

Femmessor may disclose personal information when a person has consented to this disclosure. For example, Femmessor may disclose information in the following circumstances:

  • To provide entrepreneurial services and advice and ancillary services that you requested
  • In certain circumstances related to the business, such as to act as a reference; we will ask for your permission first
  • When Femmessor is solicited or authorized by law or an order of a court of law, a court or an administrative agency
  • When Femmessor believes, on reasonable grounds, that it is necessary to protect the rights, privacy, security or property of an identifiable individual or group
  • When this information is public

In the event that sensitive personal information is provided to Femmessor, we will not disclose that personal information unless it is required by law or we obtain your consent. When it must or may disclose information without consent, Femmessor discloses only the necessary information.

When Femmessor shares personal information with organizations that deliver services on its behalf (i.e., to fulfill mandates, process payments, etc.), we require that these service providers use this information only for the purposes of the services provided to Femmessor and have established security measures for the protection of this personal information. The confidentiality of this information is very important to Femmessor in any outsourcing agreement with third parties.

Access to personal information that you have provided to us is limited to Femmessor employees and Internet service providers specifically assigned to www.femmessorqc.com and only in the performance of their work. If you no longer wish to receive our emails, simply unsubscribe by clicking on the button or link provided for this purpose.



We limit the collection of your personal information through our website.

We receive and keep certain types of information when you interact with us. Femmessor may, for example, contact you regarding services or networking and training activities, if you consent to such communications.

In addition, like many organizations, Femmessor uses cookies and receives certain types of information when your browser accesses our website. When you visit our website, we can keep information on your computer as a file. Cookies save your preferences as you visit our website so that you do not have to complete forms or provide information in other fields when you have done so previously. This information can also be used to improve our website and services. For example, cookies may allow us to adjust our website to better match customer preferences.

With most browsers, you can erase cookies from your computer's hard drive, block cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is recorded. Please refer to your browser instructions or help menu to learn more about these features. If you block or reject our cookies, your use of the Femmessor website may be limited. However, you will still have access to most of its content.



Protecting your confidential data.

We have put into place reasonable security measures with respect to archiving and the disclosure of the information you have provided to us in order to prevent unauthorized access.



We will answer any questions, concerns and complaints about our privacy policy and practices.

Femmessor will investigate any complaints and take all reasonable steps to resolve any issues relating to the confidentiality of your personal information. For any questions or to revoke your consent, please contact us by email at info@femmessorqc.com or by calling us at 1 877 523-7767.