Femmessor's commitment to its customers, suppliers and partners


At Femmessor, we are an organization dedicated to the development of women's entrepreneurship and we are committed to developing a business relationship with our clients, suppliers and partners based on integrity, collaboration and empathy. Therefore, in an effort to continuously improve, Femmessor is committed to welcoming all comments with enthusiasm and professionalism. To meet your expectations, Femmessor has implemented a simple and effective complaint resolution policy.



What is a "complaint"?

A complaint is the verbal or written expression of an individual's or group's dissatisfaction with their interaction to Femmessor.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Femmessor treats all complaints concerning the various subjects and members of its team with the same professional rigor and attention.

How to make a complaint?


    Contact the Director in your region or 1 844 523-7767

Many issues can be effectively addressed through healthy, honest and constructive communication. Femmessor encourages you to contact the Director of your region first.

When meeting with the Regional Director, ensure that you have the relevant notes and documents on hand.


     If the matter is still not resolved or if your complaint concerns the Director in your region

  We invite you to    CONTINUE YOUR APPROACH



Delay in the complaint resolution process


For any questions regarding the complaint resolution policy, we invite you to contact one of our customer experience agents 1 844 523-7767.