Financing that brings together funds and cutting-edge expertise in women's entrepreneurship

Share capital financing allows entrepreneurs to obtain long-term capital while maintaining their decision-making power.

Femmessor and Desjardins Capital invest in women-owned businesses share capital.

Shareholders retain the majority of the shares in their company and do not get any cash flow pressure. Share capital financing is a great way to improve the borrowing capacity of women-owned businesses. It facilitates access to financing offered by banks or other financial partners.

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Growth and acquisition loans

$50,000 to $250,000



  • Eligible businesses have at least one woman in a strategic position and owning at least 25% of the shares1.
  • The company offers potential for growth revenue growth and value creation.
  • The company must have been operating for more than three years and growing in revenues year after year.
  • Minority participation of investors in the share capital of the business.
  • No guarantees required.
  • Most business sectors2 are eligible.
  • Possibility of financing for the acquisition of tangible and intangible assets, business acquisition, product development, market development, working capital and, buying back shares.
  • Women aged 18 and over are eligible.
  • Administrative and management fees apply.



If your business has not been operating for at least three years,
you may qualify for financing in the form of a
conventional loan.
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Desjardins Capital


Desjardins Capital is an investment fund. Its main mission is to make patient capital available to Quebec SMEs for expansion plans, research and development projects, the acquisition of businesses, and productivity optimization. Thanks to a partnership between Femmessor and Desjardins Capital, investments are made specifically in women-owned businesses in Quebec. 


1 A woman who occupies a strategic position and is financially eligible to acquire at least 25% of the shares is also eligible.

2 Excluded sectors of activity: politics, religion, sex trade, bars, violent entertainment, multi-level sales and any other activity that may be controversial in ethical terms as well as the following sectors: finance, mining, real estate, single-site retail businesses, self-employed workers and companies undergoing restructuring.

Learn more about Femmessor’s investment policy regarding excluded sectors for equity financing.